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For over 20 years, Oprah has been selecting the best of the best for her coveted Favorite Things list. And this year, we’re excited to be named her favorite mattress of 2016.

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Las Vegas, NV

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Washington, DC

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Mattress in a Box

A mattress delivered in a box?

That's right, your Cocoon™ by Sealy is shipped for free in an easily moveable box that measures 15" x 15" x 44". Sorry, cute dog not included.

Moving the box

Unpacking the box

Unrolling the mattress

trying out the mattress

Real Quality. Real Value. Better Sleep.

1. Premium Fabric Cover

Our premium stretch-knit fabric cover with spun poly fibers that’s breathable and durable with a soft feel.

2. Perfect fit memory foam

Our high-quality memory foam adapts to your body size, shape and sleep position to ensure a great sleep no matter which feel is right for you.

3. Personalized comfort layer

Choose our soft layer for a cozier, more "in-the-bed" feel. Choose our firm layer for a sturdier, "on-the-bed" feel.

4. Essential support foam

Engineered to be highly durable and resilient. We’ve tested it, and we know it bounces back every time.

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Mattress Feel Scale

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10 year warranty

backed by 130 years of sealy quality

The quality of our testing center is unmatched. We go above and beyond industry standards to guarantee our mattresses will stand up to 10 years of use.

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36 people found this review helpful

Made for comfortable sleeping

I prefer a bit of a softer mattress and my husband prefers the opposite. However, I find sometimes with soft mattresses that they are too soft to the point where if you are on the edge of the bed, you feel like the mattress will collapse. In this case, I ordered the soft mattress hoping it would work out and have been very happy with it. The top of the mattress is like memory foam which makes it fit my need for a soft mattress but the under part is firmer which gives the support of a firm mattress and makes the mattress feel seem more stable. I'm not sure how this will last long term but for now it is quite nice. The mattress incredibly comfortable to sleep on and I have found that I can't feel the other person if they roll around in the bed. This isn't always something I have experienced with other mattresses and so have really appreciated that quiet feeling.

Overall, this mattress has made for some great sleeping and I would definitely purchase it for other bedrooms in our house.

29 people found this review helpful

Good Quality but a tad too firm

I want to preface this review with the fact that I've had the same mattress for the past 5 year. It probably leans toward more of the soft side but not too soft. I realized I was looking for something more firm. When I received the box I was impressed with the packaging. Very easy to put in your backseat. The memory foam made it easy to open on my bed platform. At first I initially noticed its firmness but thought I would like it better. The quality looked great and has a nice fabric of some sort over the top of it. After sleeping on it a few nights I think it may be a little bit too firm for my liking. I think I may try putting a mattress pad on it to soften it a bit. I didn't have any back or neck issues I just felt it was definitely more firm than others. The name cocoon kind of confused me because I pictured a little more "soft" firmness but I'm willing to keep trying it out and seeing if it breaks in a little!

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Free Shipping   ·   Free Returns   ·   10 yr warranty

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